Hello everyone!

So what’s with this title? I think Gabe already knows. If not, you do now!

Going back to my Oasis post, if you look at the comments, Gabe asked for one too. So I called him up with an idea for it and we went with it.

Here it is.

For his wifes work space

This is also out of Walnut. I really like how this wood turns out!

I hope all goes well Roni! How many of us would call our work spot their oasis? I am glad she can. Must mean she is well adjusted to her spot. Unlike going home! LOL! Just kidding Gabe! 🙂

I have three more desktop names that I have cut, but I ran out of lacquer so I still have to spray them. I am also working on another item. So I have been making some saw dust lately with the scroll saw. Which also means going out to the garage to drill holes with the drill press and then after cutting going back out and using the sander. Ah, power tools, they make life so much easier! This wood crafter still has all his fingers too! That’s a plus! Though I have lost some skin every once in a while.

I will post the rest when I am finished with them.

Later, Harold