Hello Everyone!

I have been waiting to post this. Mainly because of my slowness to get them all done.  Also, because I wanted to save on shipping and send them together. Then before that, getting some ideas and patterns from my scroll saw friends (thanks everyone).

First, I was given ideas by my sister, so I went with that. Not that I wouldn’t have done them at some point. They were on my to do list. But the year end holidays and orders got me backed up. Oh! and those…uhm…mistakes?

So here are two desktop names.

Done in Cherry

I also made one in Cedar.

Also done in Cherry

These were dipped in lemon oil then spray lacquered.

Next is what took time. I looked for, and asked for, then received, patterns from my scroll saw friends and put some of their ideas together.

Here is what I came up with.

1/4" Poplar

This I also dipped in lemon oil then spray lacquered. Unfortunately, I never took a finished picture of it. This one is of it just dipped and dry. I also added a key ring chain and holder too it.

So once I had all four done, off to USPS they went and they have been received. I won’t post things that I am sending out as gifts before I know they have been received. Don’t want to ruin any surprises for me or someone else.

Well that’s it for this one!

Later, Harold