Hello everyone!

I know! Long time no post.

I and the rest of the family have been busy with the regular life stuff and the other side of my life, plumbing. I am still looking for a job and also doing some things to drum up some work too. So I have not been at the scroll saw much.

I did make a little saw dust and that has to do with the title. I also finished the remaining jerseys that I left lying too long. Sanded them again and spray painted them and glazed them. They turned out great and I delivered one today and now I just have one delivery to make. So that kept me away from the saw too. When I am finishing pieces I don’t like to be cutting at the same time in case saw dust would get on the pieces while they are wet. I have had enough problems with out that!

I guess you could say I reached an oasis with my finishing work. Kinda that perfect feeling when all is going right. (Except for not cutting) I missed that. Even in paradise I don’t think you can have it all. The plumbing area is stirring too, so that is good.

I have used the word oasis twice (now thrice) counting the title so what gives? Well since I was concentrating on finishing and not cutting, also because I reached the doldrums with that, had no wind in my sails. I didn’t know what I wanted to cut. So I went back to an old stand by. What I call my desk top names. I cut out the word Oasis. It is the name of the high school youth group at our church. Here it is.

3/4" Walnut I think

I will get it to our youth pastor tomorrow night. I hope he and the kids like it.

I also have said I will do one for our church library. Appropriately it will be, library. I think I will do it in Walnut too. Though I did get a pretty good sore throat after cutting the Oasis out of the Walnut. I have read that Walnut can affect you badly. That may have been my bad though. I was cutting with out the fan exhausting out the window because I took it out when the blizzard came through and I was painting and finishing other pieces slowly, so I didn’t put it back in. Figured I didn’t need it. No dust mask either. I will give it a go again and see what happens. I think the Walnut will look good in the library.

Well enough for now. A lot of words and only one pic.

Later, Harold