Hello everyone!

Well I finally heard that my big package was received. So that means I can show you what was in it.

These are more name ornaments that my sister ordered for hers sons and their wives (one each!) and their kids. Since I try my best to be a gentleman I will start off with the ladies. The two wives first then the daughters. These are all hand painted by my wife with the colors my sister wanted or as close as we could get by seeing a color named and we then picked it out.

So that’s why I went with ornamentation! Here they are!

I think they all turned out great! But of course I may be a bit biased. As far as I am concerned it is deservedly so!

Next blog, unless something comes up, I will show you the guys. They may not be as “pretty” but I would say they are manly. But done just as good and they took longer as well. Until then….

Later, Harold