Hello Everyone!

AWANA grand prix results are in!

The title kinda says it all!

Kyle’s car took second place for speed!! He got a trophy too, our first ever! 🙂 Here he is with the car and trophy.

Kyle, car and 2nd place trophy!

Here is the car before we left for the race. Hand painted by mom and son and two lacquer coats sprayed on by dad.

Our fastest car yet

Here are two pics of some other cars. There were 26 in all. Ours was #26. They weren’t all there yet in these pics.

There were lots of good looking cars and a lot of the races were close.

After all was said and done they let the kids race on their own if they wanted. A car we lost to in the first heat of the first round but later beat wanted to race us one on one. So we kindly accepted. Kyle’s car won each time. We switched lanes to be fair and the results were the same. At one point the third place car and the first place car joined in and the results all came out the way they originally placed. It was good to have no complaints and everything come out the same.

So it was a good morning. Dad is proud of all the work and surprised at the results. I really did not expect to do so well. Mom and son are happy too and that’s good.

All is well!

Just need a job!

Fun is over, back to reality.

Later, Harold