Hello Everyone,

Well we have been working on my sons pine wood derby car lately. It is for the AWANA grand prix. Of course I get to do the cutting and help with the sanding. Kyle drew what he wanted and I cut it out of the block of wood.

It has been a couple years since I last did one. I can’t remember what I used to cut them out with. The scroll saw sure came in handy this time.

Kyle and my wife help with the sanding and both are doing the painting and detailing. We will finish with getting weight on it at the race. I am not sure if I will get to put glaze on it (LOL).

So when is the race? Tomorrow of course. Nothing like last minute work!

Here are some pics.

3 of my oldests cars

His first one is missing. It was the rocket from Toy Story. He got honorable mention for design for the blue car. That is what the ribbon is for. The sword car won quite a few races that year.

My second sons cars are in a box somewhere. We won some races with his cars too.

Joshua's 3 cars

We did okay with these cars. We were going to a different church for AWANA and the competition was a lot steeper.

A work in progress

Kyle’s first car. Detail painting still ongoing. We will see how it does tomorrow. Back to our church for AWANA. So we will see how the competition is.

I haven’t really figured it all out yet on what to try for to get speed. We buff and lube the axles, design, weight and get it to roll straight. Then we hope for the best. It is always fun seeing all the cars and the different designs. Some go for speed and some for looks.

I will get final pics and details for you tomorrow.

Later, Harold