Hello Everyone!

You got it! It is/was my bad. 😦

So how did I figure it out and what is/was it?

I was thinking about just not answering this and stopping right there. Or come up with something witty like;

not gonna tell ya, or that’s for me to know and you to find out, or wouldn’t you like to know.

But hey, I try to be a stand up kinda guy. I stick to my words until proven wrong and do what is right to the best of my ability.Β  I have already shown you my failures and asked for your ideas, so I should tell you what I found out. Plus I want you to continue coming back. So here it is.

First, I put on my 1.0 magnifying glasses, so I could then read the fine print that is on the spray paint cans. I then read that there fine print directions. I had glanced at them before just to make sure they said what I knew to do. πŸ˜‰ You know the typical; preparation, ventilation, application, dryation, I mean drying time. That kind of stuff. Well the application part is where I was messing up. (DUH) But how?!

I was getting too close to what I was putting the glaze on. I was supposed to be 10-12 inches away and I was getting within probably 6-8 inches. Now should that really make a difference? I guess a couple inches distance in this case does. I think because of the location I am in I started getting closer to be more careful about over-spray.Β  (my wife is concerned about it too) So after reading I applied said directions and moved up and away a bit and… voila! It worked! Take a look at this! It almost looks wet. It is completely dry! Very nice gloss!

To me this looks great!

This is not something I would do for a test piece! I did do a couple test pieces that I mentioned in a previous blog and they turned out great also. So I really thought I had it down to do this one. I would not want to sand this one again! My wife didn’t think I should do it and I had agreed also. But since I had figured it out I went for it. I call this one completed on both sides!

So what about the jerseys? Good question!

I messed up by not moving them around after I had sprayed them and one side stuck to the cardboard underneath. I some how got distracted and didn’t go back to check on them until too late. They were looking great too! I don’t know why I left them. I had been babysitting them and making sure all was going well. Kinda like pancakes. One side done now do the next. They just sat too long in one spot and there was enough moisture and they stuck. I had a system going but like I said got distracted and or left and didn’t get back to them in time.Β  I will probably have to sand them again. My bad!

I do have one good one. Here it is.

# 14 back side, front is good too!

Well now I and you know. It wasn’t the wood and it wasn’t the two different brands of spray paint. It was the nut behind the spray can! I guess I had originally been doing it at the right distance and then slowly moved closer until I wasn’t paying attention to how close I was. 😦

I guess it is good to refresh on the directions and always good to pay attention to how you are doing what you are doing in all aspects.

Live, Learn, re-learn! πŸ™‚

Later, Harold