Hello everyone!


Well after church and at half-time while watching the Bears I went down and put on the glaze. I did all 5 and 2 are acceptable. I know that’s less than half but one doesn’t really count so I will go with 2 out of 4. Still not what I wanted.

I did #52 first this one doesn’t count so that’s why I did it first. It came out looking good as I waited a bit. Soooo I went ahead and did the other 4. As I returned to look at 52 OH NO!! It was going bad and ended up looking the worst of the 5. Here it is.

Good grief Charlie Brown!

I shook the can easily 2 minutes plus and put on a nice light coat. Like I said earlier it was looking good. That’s why I went on. Oh well!!?

But #56 came out looking good. Here it is.

Acceptable on this side

#14 came out okay too, but 2 #17 jerseys did not. Here is the whole lot.

All 5

The 17 on the right doesn’t show too well but around the letters it crinkled.

So what do I do? I have two to the good so far and I need to finish them. Well after the game I went down and sprayed them on the other side. I think they are crinkling in spots. What do I gotta do!!! 😦 That makes O-fer!

I will check on them later tonight and report back, if I don’t do something crazy! πŸ˜‰

Later, Harold