Hello Everyone,

Here is the update. They do not look good enough on their backside. Here is the pic.

does not do it justice for how bad it is

Okay they probably are not terrible but not up to my standards.

Here is a possible kicker. If I would look at what I am actually using, I would see a difference. This paint, the claret wine, is from rust-oleum! Not Krylon. So I am putting a krylon primer on then a rust-oleum paint and then a krylon glaze. Could this be the problem? Even though I get good and bad from the same way I have been doing it?

I am trying something on a piece of scrap that I have. Gonna see if there is a difference in timing the coatings.

I see I have two comments that I did not look at before this post so maybe I have some advice coming. I will check them and respond.

Later, Harold