Hello everyone!

Okay, I am going at it again on those jerseys. I have done the primer coat on both sides, gray. Here is a different one awaiting this next trial.

WA football theme this year

This is just primer and they always look good. If I remember right it was 48 cuts to do this one! All by hand on the scroll saw with a blade. No laser cutting. I don’t have one of those.

Next come some jerseys. They have two coats of Claret Wine satin spray paint on them and are looking pretty good.

Looking good

another one

Okay, I actually have five of these curing and ready for the next step. I will be waiting more than 24 hours to put on the glaze. That’s just the way my timing will be for tomorrow. I will do one that is not for anyone first to see how it goes. If things go bad maybe I will just put a clear coat of gloss on instead. I am really hoping for the glaze to work, cause if it does, they will look great!

Well that is it. I will let you know what happens tomorrow, unless I do something crazy after I blow it! 😉

Cross everything! fingers, arms, toes, legs, eyes and if you can cross something else do that too! 🙂

It is dinner time! Stuffed baked peppers with feta and more! My own recipe with help from my wife and combining other recipes.

Later, Harold