Hello everyone,

Just thought I would show some pics of the bad spray paint. But it is not really the paint it is the glaze that goes bad. The paint turns out pretty good for the most part. All the paints that I use are Krylon. The triple thick clear glaze is Krylon and the primers too. I do use a clear lacquer that is Rust-o-leum.

First some good ones for comparison.

Claret Wine satin with glaze coating

The picture doesn’t do it justice but I had people asking if it was metal. It really looks good!

Black gloss paint

These turn out good for the most part too. Maybe if I put too thick of a coat on then they don’t look as good. I then sand them down and start over.

Blue gloss paint

Same as the black.

Claret Wine satin with glaze coating-bad

Okay here is the bad. Some times I am doing a couple of them at the same time and get some good and some bad. Lately they have all been bad. The paint turns out fine it is when I put the glaze on that it ends up like this.

same BAD!

A close up, sorry not focused.

Well there you have it. The good, the bad, even ugly! I don’t know what I do different. Like I said I could do a couple at a time and get both. Lately I have been trying only one coat of the satin paint. Maybe I will try two coats and see if the glaze comes out better. When I tried to get the same look with the gloss paints and put the glaze over them they did not turn out good either so I stopped doing it over the gloss. The satin by itself just isn’t shiny enough.

Well it is back out to the sander and try again.

Later, Harold