Hello everyone,

I haven’t been here to post a blog lately. I guess I kinda fell into a rut and didn’t have much to say or report. Things aren’t the best. Of course I don’t know when they really were last. (does that make sense…oh well)

Let’s see I am 27 months unemployed and 4 months without any regular income, I am a 99er. We made it through Thanksgiving, the one year date of my mom’s death, Christmas and New Years. Still no job and no one hiring in the plumbing area. We lost insurance coverage Dec. 1, with 6 kids that is kinda scary (ya think!?).

I continue to mess up on finishing some wood crafts. The cutting is fine, it is the final finish coat that I mess up with and that ruins the whole thing. I get right to that point and kablewie!! I gotta sand it down and start over AGAIN!

I am using spray paint for the color and it is a satin, looks good. Then I put on a finishing coat of clear triple thick glaze. When it goes right it looks Really Great! I love how it looks! But when it goes bad it looks TERRIBLE! Like alligator skin, it just kinda crinkles up. I just ruined 5 football jerseys for the third time!! If I could find Claret Wine in a gloss paint I think that would solve my problem with having to glaze or put a gloss finish on afterwards.The gloss sprays work well most of the time. Meaning I can mess them up too and have.

Any help or suggestions from my readers? Besides no spraying!

Well, I will try breaking out tomorrow. Got some sanding to do, AGAIN! Got some deliveries to make and some packages to mail. Maybe some plumbing to do too!

Later, Harold