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Christmas Bell

Hello everyone!

Well today had a bit of excitement!

I am a member of a scroll saw website that I mentioned somewhere in my first couple of blogs. It is put together by Steve Good and is He also has videos up on youtube. It is a very friendly site with lots of info and help from other scrollers.

So what is the excitement? I joined a Christmas ornament exchange on the site and I received mine today. I did not know who it was coming from. I saw the return address on the package and knewย  what was going to be in it. So I went ahead and opened it and it is a Christmas Bell 2010. The wording is very intricate. I have not tried anything like that yet. It came from my scroll saw friend Russ C. He is a moderator on the site, funny, knowledgeable and a great scroller. Also an all around good guy! So, THANKS RUSS! A pic of his work will follow at the end as usual.

I also did an ornament in the exchange and it is mailed and on the way to its new home. My wife, Laura, designed it and of course I cut it and either Laura or my sister painted it. Pics of it will come in a future blog. I can’t spoil what it is yet!

Stay warm! It’s gonna be a cold and windy one tomorrow!

Later, Harold

2010 Christmas Bell by Russ Claridy

A real beauty! Thanks again Russ!


Valley day

Hello everyone!

I did the plumbing job today. So we got some cashola. It was one of the hardest kitchen faucets to take out that I have had in a long time. I usually try to get them out in one piece but this one wanted no part of that idea. It came out in many pieces. The new one went in no problem. Most of them do. I also fixed a toilet. So the plumber did some plumbing. Done right and done good with another satisfied customer. That’s what I strive for.

So what’s with valley day? I’mย  glad you asked! You know it gets kinda hard to keep coming up with titles for this blog. Named after what I did that day, or didn’t do. Named after the work I am doing; plumbing or wood crafting. Named after ornaments I made or what happened to them. Or about what is going on or off, like the roof.

So since I was home most of the day, we live in a valley, and the job was basically up the street from us, about a mile or so. Plus the ornaments I am going to show you pics of are area related. Sooo, Valley day became my title for today.

The ornament pics are of the names of the Sub-division we live in and the grade school in the valley where the craft show was held.

So without further delay, here they are.

Later, Harold

Our sub-division

We are actually on the western edge of it.

The grade school

Lots of people liked these! I sold one of the school but none of the Valley View ornaments.

Have a great weekend!

It is snowing!

Hello Everyone!

As if everyone here in northern Illinois didn’t know it. But for those out of the area we are getting snow for the second time, I think. Well at least measurable on the ground snow.

So in honor of our new snow fall I will post a pic of a snowflake ornament that I think is the most intricate piece of work I have done yet. It is so intricate…how intricate is it?… it is so intricate that I did not even attempt to put it on my sander and my wife broke parts off of one while trying to do some touch up sanding. I think they really turned out great though. Painted white with sparkly stuff. I guess it is glitter. It really was kind of fun to cut too.

I did let my wife out of the dog house after a while. It got cold out and was going to snow and her howling…I’m just saying! But she had to get back to work painting too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well the weekend is upon us. I have a plumbing job for tomorrow and I got out my one piece insulated coveralls. So I think I am ready to make some saw dust in the cold garage. Bring it on!! Along with working on the product page and flyer page. Is there a better word to use than flyer or is it flier? Pamphlet? Any ideas?

Well anyway here is the snowflake enjoy!

Later, Harold

Too bright?

Too dark?

Oh, I am kidding about the dog house stuff if you really stayed with me on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Flyer Page

Hello Everyone!

Well from the title and or by looking around you will see that the flyer page is up. It will remain semi-private and to access it you will need the password. What is the flyer page? Good question!

It is a page that will have different documents/ flyers on it, for advertising/distributing/showing, that those who are deemed to have need will have access to. You will be able to download and print them as you have need of them. Some will be case specific to an area or school. Others will be generic. So every one will not have to take every page. Just what you want.

James is helping me learn how to do the documents, so that takes time, but it is coming together. It is good to learn more about computers than just typing, blogging, email and surfing the web!

Tonight Josh has a Christmas concert at Wheaton Academy. So we are looking forward to that. He is in the Mens ensemble. The other choirs will perform along with the orchestra and other groups. Should be a good night.

So what pics do I have for you tonight? How about candy canes and angels!

Here they are.

Later, Harold

Painted by my wife

Combined job

It’s getting closer!

Hello everyone!

Today I got one step closer to getting my product and price page up. I want to keep things separate. So one step I wanted to do was set up a bank account for the wood crafts. That was accomplished today. In case the banker wanted to know about what I was doing I took some samples along. He bought one and placed an order for 3 names!

Next I need to have a .pdf form for the price page. My son James is working on that. Possibly tomorrow he says. Then I get paypal buttons and up it goes!

I am also getting some good ideas from friends and family and will be putting them on the drawing board. Basically they are promotion ideas and I like them. One is a flyer to show my work on and pass out to people. What I am thinking for that is a separate page for flyers that would be semi-private. You would need a password to get there and then you can download the flyer you want and print it off. So that is in the works.

What do I have for pics tonight? In recognition or our armed forces on this day of December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. I have Army, Navy and Air Force ornaments. No slight to the Marines or Coast Guard, I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Only had so much time.ย  They are all America’s finest. Plus I will do different variations later on too. That is an idea from a friend, who really likes the Veteran ornament.

Lots of ideas out there from those who want to help and I appreciate it.

We are also planning to move my scroll saw inside from the garage. We are trying to work that out yet. Gotta move things around and see how it works. Plus see how much saw dust I can keep from getting around. So things are in flux as they say.

If you want to order something either email if you have it, phone if you have it, see me or leave it in the comments until my price page is up or a contact page. I will edit the comment to keep you safe. I have a growing list and what’s the saying? Money talks!

Have a good night!

Later, Harold

This one sold at the banquet. Only pic I took of it. Good luck Aaron P.!!

I helped paint these, but my wife had to get the lines straight! ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas word ornaments

Hello everyone!

Today has been a good day so far.

I had two plumbing jobs, so that helps.

We heard from our son, Benjamin, a senior in college. He called to tell us he had taken the GRE test today and scored a 790 out of 800! So he was pretty happy about that and so are we. We get to brag on him! Good job Benjamin! (plus you better be visiting my blog and telling your friends too!) I have some Taylor stuff in the works.

So what about this Christmas word ornament title? Well that is the next pic I am going to show of some of the work we all put in for the craft show. My wife and sister Laurel did some great work in painting them. Only one sold, but lots of ooohs and aaahhs and compliments.

Tonight we are going to be with family that came in to town. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Here is a pic of all of the word ornaments together.

Later, Harold

you like?

The day after!

Hello everyone,

Well it is the day after the big day. We just crashed! Couldn’t get going. It all came to ahead, the time (late nights), effort and planning took its toll. Next time we will plan everything better and not have the big crunch, like studying for finals or something.

But to look back, it ended up better than I could have hoped for (in reality). Yes, I could have hoped for a lot (not reality) but I didn’t, so what did happen was good! The future awaits! There is more saw dust to be made and orders to fill! Maybe some other craft shows to be found and entered.

Also a thank you to my customers and to those who placed orders I will be on them this week. If you see something you like or have an idea, leave it in the comments. I will not publish private info in a comment, they will be edited. A product page with prices and ordering is in the works, to be up soon.

I had quite a few ornaments on display along with the reindeer and reindeer family, the T-shirt ties, the tulip and some names. So what do I start off showing pics of? If I left it to you, my readers, I don’t think there would be enough voting (you are so shy). ๐Ÿ™‚ So I will go with the reindeer and the family. That gets two in one shot. I almost sold the daddy by himself, but I mentioned a price for all three. They walked away, saying they had spent too much already. Should I have sold him alone? What do you think? Comments welcome!

Here they are, I hope you all have a good week!

Later, Harold

Reindeer, better this time

Reindeer family, finished

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