Hello Everyone!

I am back to dole out more punishment as per this blog!

We went to my wife’s family’s annual get together in Indiana. As always it was a good time and almost all were there. We missed one niece who has growed up, being a college grad with a new job and all. But we had one GF who made up the number and kept us at 28 this year. That is from two grandparents to two great grand kids and everyone in between. Your spot was filled but you were not replaced Mimi! Though if you miss next year we may have to try!! 🙂

I hope all of you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

I am looking forward to more scroll saw work. I have different projects in mind and just want to get back to making saw dust after some days off from doing so. When we got back and checked the mail one package that I had sent was returned. A bit of a bummer! It was marked “attempted unknown”. I guess “unknown” trumps rain or shine, ice or storm…the BIG unknown just can’t get through. I am waiting to see if I got the wrong addy or something. I hope I can use the same box, that would be a waste if I can’t. Just put new stickers on and good to go right?

I will show you some individual pics of some Christmas word ornaments that I did as a group pic in a previous post.

Later, Harold