Hello everyone!

It has been a while since my last post. You could say I have been on hiatus making saw dust. The scroll saw has been busy!

I lost count at around 40 items that were ordered and have been cutting them the last few days. Now I am in the treatment stage. Wood treatment! What were you thinking?!

Though after sniffing the fumes I may need it myself.

I am using furniture polish, staining, spray painting and hand painting and finally a lacquer finish.

Some of the ornaments that are done and are local have been delivered personally by me or will be. Others will be in the mail that go out of state and probably late. Sorry the volume got to me, I will ASAP them. I have Wheaton Academy orders that are in the finishing stage and I will be delivering them too.

It all started out slowly, then like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill the orders increased and along with that the number of items and boom the snowball turned into Frosty the Snowman on steroids. Kinda like the Stay-puff Marshmellow Man in the Ghostbusters movie. He wouldn’t hurt you but still get out of the way!

But I couldn’t get out of the way, I created the monster and I had to do the work and literally cut it into pieces. Ahhaaa, hahahahahaha. Now how’s that for playing with words?! And when the dust settled…ahhaaa hahahahaha…I kill myself sometimes…the monster is no more. Kinda like Leroy Brown at the end…a jigsaw puzzle with a couple a pieces gone!

Oh! The parody of it all! Are you scared some times? In the words of Yoda…you will be, you will be!

I will show you some pics of what I/we have been working on.

Now that was an abrupt stop wasn’t it. Well, I got work to do!

Later, Harold

Wesley ordered this. Thanks Wesley!

Rob ordered this

The other two are in the painting stage Rob. I will get them to you.