Hello everyone,

Well after moving the scroll saw inside I have been busy making saw dust.

What have I been cutting? You ask such good questions! I may have to lead you by the hand but you do get there. I have been cutting name ornaments. Today I will show you some that were ordered plain. I just cut and sand them. Of course that is after designing, printing, gluing and drilling holes for the blade.

Plus a pic of one that I need to hear how they want it finished. It is a gift that they didn’t know about but will hopefully see and let me know how they want it done. What am I talking about?! Only I know the details of this one and it is not for all my readers to know. Just that special one.

Also a pic of my new situation room (aka laundry room) where I am doing the work. Well at least the cutting and the spraying of the adhesive. Design and print are upstairs and drill and sand are still out in the garage.

I got more to do sooo….

Later, Harold

It ain't purty but its warmer than the garage!

Yep that’s my heater in the background.