Hello everyone!

Well the cold finally got serious here in the Chicago area.

We had talked about how and where to move the scroll saw inside. We decided on the laundry room. So we moved a 4 drawer filing cabinet out and a bunch of paint cans and in came the scroll saw. Much warmer and I don’t have to put on all those layers to stay warm for only a couple hours. Then come inside warm up and not want to go back out again.

Now I can scroll for as long as I want. I do have to go out to the garage to use the drill press, band saw and sander, but that isn’t very long. I can handle that.

I have been burning the mental fires during this cold snap and coming up with ideas to cut. They are on the back burner though until I get caught up with all the orders that have been coming in. I lost count when they got into the thirties. I think I have close to forty orders to cut in total; ornaments, desktop names and football jerseys.

Sorry no pics tonight. Hope you had a good weekend. The week is before us.

Later, Harold