Hello Everyone!

As if everyone here in northern Illinois didn’t know it. But for those out of the area we are getting snow for the second time, I think. Well at least measurable on the ground snow.

So in honor of our new snow fall I will post a pic of a snowflake ornament that I think is the most intricate piece of work I have done yet. It is so intricate…how intricate is it?… it is so intricate that I did not even attempt to put it on my sander and my wife broke parts off of one while trying to do some touch up sanding. I think they really turned out great though. Painted white with sparkly stuff. I guess it is glitter. It really was kind of fun to cut too.

I did let my wife out of the dog house after a while. It got cold out and was going to snow and her howling…I’m just saying! But she had to get back to work painting too. 🙂

Well the weekend is upon us. I have a plumbing job for tomorrow and I got out my one piece insulated coveralls. So I think I am ready to make some saw dust in the cold garage. Bring it on!! Along with working on the product page and flyer page. Is there a better word to use than flyer or is it flier? Pamphlet? Any ideas?

Well anyway here is the snowflake enjoy!

Later, Harold

Too bright?

Too dark?

Oh, I am kidding about the dog house stuff if you really stayed with me on it. 🙂