Hello Everyone!

Well from the title and or by looking around you will see that the flyer page is up. It will remain semi-private and to access it you will need the password. What is the flyer page? Good question!

It is a page that will have different documents/ flyers on it, for advertising/distributing/showing, that those who are deemed to have need will have access to. You will be able to download and print them as you have need of them. Some will be case specific to an area or school. Others will be generic. So every one will not have to take every page. Just what you want.

James is helping me learn how to do the documents, so that takes time, but it is coming together. It is good to learn more about computers than just typing, blogging, email and surfing the web!

Tonight Josh has a Christmas concert at Wheaton Academy. So we are looking forward to that. He is in the Mens ensemble. The other choirs will perform along with the orchestra and other groups. Should be a good night.

So what pics do I have for you tonight? How about candy canes and angels!

Here they are.

Later, Harold

Painted by my wife

Combined job