Hello everyone!

Today I got one step closer to getting my product and price page up. I want to keep things separate. So one step I wanted to do was set up a bank account for the wood crafts. That was accomplished today. In case the banker wanted to know about what I was doing I took some samples along. He bought one and placed an order for 3 names!

Next I need to have a .pdf form for the price page. My son James is working on that. Possibly tomorrow he says. Then I get paypal buttons and up it goes!

I am also getting some good ideas from friends and family and will be putting them on the drawing board. Basically they are promotion ideas and I like them. One is a flyer to show my work on and pass out to people. What I am thinking for that is a separate page for flyers that would be semi-private. You would need a password to get there and then you can download the flyer you want and print it off. So that is in the works.

What do I have for pics tonight? In recognition or our armed forces on this day of December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. I have Army, Navy and Air Force ornaments. No slight to the Marines or Coast Guard, I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Only had so much time.  They are all America’s finest. Plus I will do different variations later on too. That is an idea from a friend, who really likes the Veteran ornament.

Lots of ideas out there from those who want to help and I appreciate it.

We are also planning to move my scroll saw inside from the garage. We are trying to work that out yet. Gotta move things around and see how it works. Plus see how much saw dust I can keep from getting around. So things are in flux as they say.

If you want to order something either email if you have it, phone if you have it, see me or leave it in the comments until my price page is up or a contact page. I will edit the comment to keep you safe. I have a growing list and what’s the saying? Money talks!

Have a good night!

Later, Harold

This one sold at the banquet. Only pic I took of it. Good luck Aaron P.!!

I helped paint these, but my wife had to get the lines straight! 🙂