Hello everyone,

Well it is the day after the big day. We just crashed! Couldn’t get going. It all came to ahead, the time (late nights), effort and planning took its toll. Next time we will plan everything better and not have the big crunch, like studying for finals or something.

But to look back, it ended up better than I could have hoped for (in reality). Yes, I could have hoped for a lot (not reality) but I didn’t, so what did happen was good! The future awaits! There is more saw dust to be made and orders to fill! Maybe some other craft shows to be found and entered.

Also a thank you to my customers and to those who placed orders I will be on them this week. If you see something you like or have an idea, leave it in the comments. I will not publish private info in a comment, they will be edited. A product page with prices and ordering is in the works, to be up soon.

I had quite a few ornaments on display along with the reindeer and reindeer family, the T-shirt ties, the tulip and some names. So what do I start off showing pics of? If I left it to you, my readers, I don’t think there would be enough voting (you are so shy). šŸ™‚ So I will go with the reindeer and the family. That gets two in one shot. I almost sold the daddy by himself, but I mentioned a price for all three. They walked away, saying they had spent too much already. Should I have sold him alone? What do you think? Comments welcome!

Here they are, I hope you all have a good week!

Later, Harold

Reindeer, better this time

Reindeer family, finished