Hello Everyone!

Today was a pretty good day! I have been busy these last couple of days getting ready for my first craft show which was today. All things considered it went well. I went in with not very high hopes and planning not to make much money and just try to enjoy my time there showing what I had and meeting people.

Let me back track first. Thursday and Friday I spent cutting, painting and staining. My wife and sister also helped out a lot in the finishing process. That helped a lot! I went to sleep Friday night not convinced I was ready and with snow falling. There was a winter storm watch over night. Not good for people to get out! This morning I got up thoroughly convinced I was not ready and my stomach in knots! My wife even agreed with me! But I had spent $25 for a space and had told everyone I was doing it. So I said I am doing it!

Well we got all loaded up and went over to the school and got set up and ready for the next couple hours. At first it was kinda boring but things picked up and I made my first sale. Then the next and sporadically made more over the 4 hours including some pre-paid orders. All in all I got my $25 back and doubled it to the tune of $54.75. So I decided that was okay for a first time out. I got a lot of complements on my work which really gave me a boost mentally. Also the possibility of more orders later seems very likely.

Then later we went to the football banquet at Wheaton Academy. They let me put my stuff out there also and I would give a portion to the football program. Let me just say that it went even better than the craft show and the football program got some money too. So everybody is happy. Also Joshua got the twelfth man award voted by the team. He shared the honor with another player. So that was good too!

So what did the preparation look like? Here are some pics of our dining room table where we had previously had Thanksgiving. Then some pics of my table at the craft show.

Later, Harold

Dining Room Table north to south

Looking at it from the west

My table at the show