Hello everyone!

Okay not so heavy tonight.

So what does 500 mean? I crossed the 500 mark for visits to my blog! It only took a month and a half. So I guess that means not a lot of daily visitors. I actually look at the stats so I know what is going on with my blog. My average is around 15 a day, but that is only because of the high marks being a lot higher than the average. The highest was way back at the beginning (78) with a (44) shortly after that and recently a (31). Some in the (20’s) but mostly near (10) on the low average.

I know I am not doing a world changing blog with information that inquiring minds world-wide would want to know. So I will take what I get and as I get a price page up, ordering available and more excellent crafts and crafting maybe more visits. First the Chicago area, then the world (heinous laughter). šŸ™‚

Today I cut some more reindeer like the other one and also a 4 piece big daddy reindeer. Tomorrow mama and the fawn and more ornaments. It was cold in the garage, but the heater helped make it bearable.

Don’t forget the craft show, Santa’s Secret Shop, at Arbor View School, Saturday Dec. 4 10-2 near the Morton Arboretum in Valley View on Ironwood Dr. You can get there off of Route 53 south of Butterfield Rd. north of I-88. Look for the signs, they are usually posted around the area. Party afterward at June’s house, our neighbor to the south.

Later, Harold

I'll conquer the world with my new blog gun!!

Just kidding June! Wanna see if you still read my blog. šŸ™‚ No party, unless I’ve not been invited yet! šŸ™‚