Hello everyone!

Well today was a good day! But no saw dust was made. Other priorities came up that had to take precedence.

Like a money making plumbing job! A friend called over the weekend and needed a water heater put in to replace a leaking one. So I did that this morning. It wasn’t an easy one and had its frustrating moments (okay longer minutes) in case he reads this I won’t gloss it over too much. But it was good to work with the tools again and have a good finish. It just took some effort and also finding out it wasn’t going to go the way I really wanted it to go. Not meaning easy, but the how and in what way it was going to get to that finish.

But isn’t life like that? Some times you got to adjust and then re-adjust and then re-re-adjust! You can’t always go with the flow. Some times you got to swim across it to get to the other side. Some times go against it or, not even get into it and walk your own path, and blaze your own trail! Some times there is no flow at all!

Then this afternoon I took a friend out to lunch and we talked for a couple hours. Both of us sharing some personal stuff and it was a good time. I want to be there for this friend and I WILL BE! Friends need to be there for each other through thick and thin, even unconditionally some times. I want to say more here but I also want to be careful in what I say. Some times I am blunt and that can be good or bad (some times both).

Here goes! Warning read at your own risk!

Have you ever messed up in life? Haven’t we all at some time or to some extent? Yes, there are consequences for that mess you and I have made. But aren’t there times when you or some one needs help to get out of that mess? What do you do?! What do you do for that person who needs a helping hand. Can you really let them go at it on their own?! What if their mess up affects you? Can you forgive? How far will you go in forgiving them? Really, how far should you go? Is there an end? Can you really say you have done enough? I think that we tend to rationalize when we think we have. What you really want is for some one else to take up where you want to leave off (at your stopping point). I’ve done enough, great go pat yourself on the back! Feel better?

But should you really stop? Oh, but I really care…then…SHOW IT! When some one really messed up but is really trying to turn around and get help  and get their life back on track as they and you see it. I think if you really care, you and I need to be there for them. Not just to talk, but to take action and be involved. Isn’t that what you would want. Wouldn’t you want to be thrown a life line?! Maybe two?! Would you want to be TOLD “go, be clothed, be fed, be sheltered” and that person talking walks away. Incredulous! They just lost all credibility in your eyes, right?

So what do we do? How far do we go? Do you enlist others to help with out stopping yourself? Will you continue on?

I have lots of questions, not knowing whether I have answers. I may be rocking a boat here, or stepping on toes or kicking shins. Am I sorry?…I don’t know…should I be? I think we all need to pick up some of these shoes and put them on. But will we walk in them?

I’ve done some talking here, I plan on walking it. Are you a talker, a walker or just a looker? Or have you turned away completely.

Have I stirred up a hornets nest in your mind? I hope so! Cause mine is buzzing! Maybe its too much caffeine or I took my vitamins too late today, or both! 🙂

Later, Harold