Hello everyone,

Yep today was a busy one without making any saw dust, oh well.

I went out on some errands while the rest of the family went to a movie. I got a heater, a heat gun, some wood and a few other things. When I got back I was going to do some cutting but I have not gotten there. Is there a “yet” in there? I am not sure.

Then Benjamin (our oldest) and I started in on stuff for getting businesses going. He is an economics major. So we have been looking into a plumbing business start up and also a wood crafting business, just to keep things separate. We looked into phone numbers and related services and got one set up. So things are in the works! I’ll keep you posted (that’s what I do here!).

The other day my wife was going through a drawer and out came a wooden shirt tie my Dad had made. I’ll put a pic at the end. I think it was made of oak. So I am gonna try and make some of those too. Anyone remember what they are called? T-shirt ties?

Also a pic of Melodie’s number 8, she likes it. I haven’t put a gloss coat on it yet.

Have a good weekend!

Goin to church tomorrow! Are you?

Later, Harold

T-shirt tie?

Melodie's #8