Hello everyone,

Well it is the day before Thanksgiving. The time of year we really reflect on the good that we have or had happen to us. I will be the first to admit it has been a tough year. One month ago I passed the 2 year mark of being unemployed. I never thought it would go past a couple weeks! Then months and now who knows when it will end. On top of all that I have what I have! Do I list it all?! I am sure to miss something or someone or a forgotten moment or incident.

But here are a few.

Always start with family, that is a good place for me.

My wife of 25 years, Laura. She is still here and been through it all with me. I love her and she loves me. My six kids though they are not all kids any more. They are good ones and we wouldn’t give any of them up. My wife’s parents, I think we will keep them (not that we have a choice!) 🙂 I couldn’t ask for better In-Laws. They will be here with us tomorrow. The rest of her family is pretty okay in my book too. No problems there!

My family, there are 7 of us left. My parents have both passed and one sister. We are spread from the Chicago area(4) to Tennessee(1) to North Carolina(2). But we are there for each other in good and bad. If I add their kids in we go southwest to Arizona too. I am number 7 out of the 8 kids if you needed to know, now you do. 🙂

Next how about my church family and our faith! I don’t know how we would have survived with out either. I am a Christian and I believe in our creator GOD who is still active in this world and His WORD, the BIBLE. He sent His son JESUS to live amongst us and die in our place for our sin that if we just BELIEVE in His death and resurrection and ask for His forgiveness and ask the Holy Spirit into our heart and make us new we will have eternal life. It is that simple! That is good enough by itself to be thankful for! Our church family is the best. They have given our family unasked for support and it seems to always come when we need it most, the right time!

We still have a house to live in and the amenities that are in it. We have vehicles to get around in. We have enough to eat (maybe more than I should) (that’s a weighty issue) :). We have our God given talents and our developed skills to use in service of others and ourselves.

And ALL our friends we have made over our life time. With out you…well, hey we wouldn’t be friends! I appreciate having friends.

So there are some of mine. Feel free to leave some of yours in a comment if you would like to, I am sure it will help others and maybe even me.

I hope all of my readers have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I don’t know if I will post tomorrow. We will be busy. My love to ALL our family!

Later, Harold