Hello everyone!

So no one has guessed on the five acronyms yet. I am wondering if my readers are shy? Or are my questions too hard? Or is it something else? Well, whatever it is the questions are there to be answered. The first one with all five acronyms is the winner and gets any one thing on the prize list! Made by hand by yours truly (that would be me). I can’t afford to pay anyone else to do it!

If you remember, a couple posts back, when I got my new sander and mounted it to the table I built for it? Yeah, that post. Then I started using it and sent the first couple items flying across the garage. One of them was an angel from the nativity scene I am doing (I’m still doing it).

Well I thought I would share pics of what happened to it. Why now? Well lets just say it kinda happened again. Nope not to an angel, but two, yes two, ornaments I had finished and yep they broke too. That is a frustrating end to a project! I even managed to open up my index finger in the process. Ouch! I lost one ornament to the scrap pile and managed to save the other one with a little ingenuity and more cutting. So all was not lost, but my finger hurts and my pride is a bit stung. 😦 But the show will go on…tomorrow.

Today is my daughter Melodie’s birthday. She is 8! Our youngest. So she asked me to make her a number 8 ornament and “stain” it purple. I did and she is, or it is in the process and she likes it. So it will be a good end to the day. A birthday meal and cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELODIE!!

Now the angel pics. No not my daughter, though she is an angel some of the time. 🙂

There’s gotta be a country song about broken angels or something like that. So hold on to your angels and only let them fly when they are supposed to! I can hear it now! Can you?!

Later, Harold

2nd one cut and sanded

1st one went flying