Hi Everyone!

Yep,  here comes number 5, are you ready? Number 5? Why does that sound familiar? Anyone know what I am referring to? Now don’t be shy. It is really okay to leave a comment! REALLY!! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout. As Nike says “just do it”!

This cooler weather is keeping me from getting much done and I am frustrated with myself. I need a heater for my work space in the garage and no I did not do the blow out, yet. Lots of ideas are popping around our household. I keep saying put it on paper, I need to see it. So some are in the pipeline. Plus the others that I haven’t gotten too yet that are on paper or in the computer.

I now have two sale sites for my wood crafts and they are both the same day but different times. First is Santa’s Secret Shop at Arbor View School 10 am to 2 pm. Then later that evening our football banquet at Wheaton Academy 6-9 pm. I will have any WA stuff I have ready on a table there to help out the boosters. All on Saturday Dec. 4. So I need to get busy, busy,busy!

So here is acronym #5. I know I said wait for all six but rules change. Start answering now after number five because I do not have a confirmed answer for number 6. I will post it soon and take answers for it by itself. Okay? Clear as mud? Answer now after number 5 don’t wait for number 6.

And the game is a foot!

Later, Harold

G. and E.