Good morning Everyone!

I took Josh to school this morning and the roofers were here when I got back. They were warming the roof where they were going to work, melting the frost. Then they got to it. By shortly after 10 am I noticed that there wasn’t any noise. I figured they were picking up. So I got my shoes and started to put them on and looked out the window and they were gone! So I went out looked around, took some pics, looked for debris and only got a handful, mainly clear plastic. I did find one nail, I saw it yesterday on the deck and figured they would miss it, they did.

So, with the roof paper and shingles that were left, I got what I need to build a chicken coop! I have been collecting wood for it and I think I have plenty. I just needed roofing material, now I have that! I am still wondering about a window, I don’t have that yet. Any body getting rid of a small window? Preferably a double hung, or one that opens somehow.

I also need to finish drawing my plans for it. They say it is not a project to do by the seat of your pants. But I am stubborn and might give it a try without having it all on paper. I have a general idea in my head and that may be good enough to run with (or maybe crawl).

Well I gotta make some saw dust today and get busy. Have a good one!

Pics of the finished roof.

Later, Harold

front done!

Back done!

Garage back done!