Hello Everyone!

Yeah, Okay I went with the easy post today. Maybe I will interrupt the series tomorrow.

I didn’t make it to church this morning. Feeling under the weather today. Head hurts, body aches and a lack of energy. Don’t have my git up and go. I think it up and left. I probably stayed out in the garage working too long as the temp. dropped and I wasn’t dressed for it. Got kinda chilled. Had to finish what I was working on and I had a fan blowing at me too. Probably not smart! But it kept the saw dust from getting back to the ornaments I was also finishing.

I don’t have much to say today about what I am doing. Said it all yesterday. So I just have to decide which acronym is number 3. You gotta wait until number 6 is posted. Then the first answer with ALL 6 CORRECT in a comment is the winner. The first two might be easy for some. This one might be a bit harder. So that means I have made a decision and here it is!

Hopefully I will find my git up and go, and get up and get at it tomorrow.

Name that acronym #3

Later, Harold