Hello everyone!

Well you don’t have to wait long for number two, cause it’s here.

After cutting these out on the scroll saw and sanding them on the sander, I dip them in some lemon oil furniture polish. This brings out the beauty of the wood. I let it dry for about a day and then apply a clear gloss lacquer, a couple coats to each side. Of course making sure the first side is dry before flipping it over to do the other side. It seems to be working out pretty good. I am also trying it on the blue #1 ornament from a previous post. I want to see how it comes out. Also on some names I have cut.

So the blue #1, the red Wheaton Academy and the various colored number ornaments; how did I do it? That is the question yet to be answered by a reader in the comments for a freebie. I said one of my sisters guessed staining, close no freebie. It has to be more specific than that and in the comments to win. You gotta hit the nail on the head!

The other question yet to be answered comes from the tulip post. My Dad used to make them and give them away and sell some. They are used for what purpose?

If you were ever at my parents house and in the kitchen you may have seen them. Okay, that is as far as I go with the hint other than they were not for outside decoration, though I am sure you could use them for that too.

So what is the next pic from this crafty wood crafter going to be? Here it comes!

Oh! tomorrow you might get number three unless I decide to show you how the names are turning out, or go with something else. HA! Left you hanging in suspense!! 🙂

Go to church tomorrow like I and my family will. It will take your mind off wondering about my next post! Works for me!!

Name that acronym #2

Later, Harold