Hello Everyone!

Well, how can I draw out my blogging? Oh! Do a series! How about another contest? Combining the two! It will be the start of the third one and I have no guesses for the first two. I am not sure what that says about my readers. I will not guess at that one! So what does that say about me? šŸ™‚

One of my sisters guessed staining to me personally. Well, she is close but I need specifics and it has to be in the comments. By the way all comments are private until I make them public. So if you want to say something and not so anyone can see it just say so and it won’t post.

So I titled this series Home school. There might be some gaps but there will be at least six posts to get to the finish line. All will have pics and you will have to identify/name each one, they will be acronyms. Home schoolers may have an advantage here and maybe family. I am sure they will all be findable somewhere, like online, asking around, what ever it takes. You will have to answer after the last series and do it in the comments just like the others. First one with all the correct answers after the last one, wins a freebie of anything I do. OH! The toil of having to wait! Now don’t get dramatic on me! Patience is a virtue!

So like I said in a previous post I have been busy with my wood crafting. Doing a lot of cutting, sanding and getting some finished here and there. I seem to be in an ornament stage right now, only because my scroll saw blade is not wearing out and I just keep on cutting with it. Got go with the flow! I would have to change blades to cut something else so I keep going with this one for now.

Hopefully you liked my Veterans day ornament. I have more in mind in that theme or area. Also I have to actually do some Christmas theme ornaments too. All in getting prepared for my first craft show Dec. 4 at Arbor View School here in our Valley View subdivision near the Morton Arboretum. Have I mentioned that before? Y’all come! Bring money! See what I got! Buy! Buy!! BUY!!! Place orders too!

Thanks for the comments Gabe! Long time no see! I was kinda thinkin about you when I was doing that one. I like your thinking, we’ talk.Ā  “gentle Ben” huh! Guess that’s because of my Ahem…fur?! šŸ™‚

Okay enough for now and here’s the first pic, name that acronym #1.

Later, Harold