Hello everyone!

Today is/was Veterans Day and I am as Patriotic as anyone! I am thankful for all our men and women who have served or are serving in our country’s armed forces. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you. Also to the families who have or had members in the armed forces. To those who have lost a family member while serving our country I honor you and your loved one and the sacrifice they gave of their life while serving our country. To me it does not matter where or how, but that they served. To those who did not come home America owes the greatest honor. No matter who you are or where you serve or served I honor and thank you for your service. May God Bless You! Come Home SOON!

True Americans are Proud of OUR citizen armed forces and I AM. My dad served in WWII, Army. My Father-in-law served during the Korean War, Army. My brother served during the Vietnam War, Navy. A nephew was/is (once=always) a Marine. I have friends in the Army and friends who have sons and daughters in many of the branches of our military. So I honor all of you today.

Here is a pic of my latest, hand painted by my wife.

Later, Harold

for all our service people!