Hello everyone!

Was today a Monday or what!

It was one of those coulda, woulda, shoulda days that didn’t happen. Or is it that did happen cause nothing got done? It was a nice day here but I ended up inside all day. I was a bit tired but not too much. The kids were tired and nit-picking at and on each other. Just one of THOSE days ya know?

Then I go to class this evening and boom all over again. Kind of a frustrating night for the guys in class and the teacher. I even volunteered to re-type some papers that were not technically done right. I know you have no idea about what. But let me say it is about testing procedures. When the paper is wrong then everyone is frustrated. So the teacher kind of asked for some one, not really expecting to get an answer, from guys, but I said I could and would. He was shocked. So the class seemed to go long tonight and everyone was frustrated, including me. So it WAS one of THOSE days!

Well it is almost over! Got another nice day ahead tomorrow, so I gotta get at it tomorrow.

How bout a nice word pic to end the day with? This is our adult Sunday school class name I mentioned a couple blogs back. I have donated it to our class room.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow! C A U S E the sun’ll come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun. Bet ya didn’t know I could sing huh? Well I can, just not like a cute, short, red-haired girl. Cause I’m a big, dark-haired, good lookin guy. 🙂

Later, Harold