Good evening everyone!

After our usual Saturday morning of house cleaning, the boys and I got out to the garage.

We pulled the last of the wood out and rearranged some doors that were up there to create a floor. Then we started to put the wood collection back in. I was up in the space to get the rest out and got Kyle, my 9 year old, up there to help put it back in while I was on the ladder with James and Josh below handing me the wood. Kyle enjoyed being up and in there and got all dusty. We put a lot back but still have quite a bit to do.

Any body need wains-coat, base-board, crown molding or other trim wood come and see it. It will cost you nothing, nada, zip, zero. I just want it gone. I got it free with other wood I wanted, also free. It was a take all or none offer, so I took it.

Next I mounted the sander to the counter top and of course had to test it out. How did I do what I did before with out it? Quick and easy and the wood looks good and feels so smooth even with a 60 grit. I need to get a couple finer grits too and some sort of dust collector. I don’t know if my shop vac is good enough.

So are there pics ? You betcha! No before pics and just shots from below from afterward and of the sander and its table. Here they are.

Later, Harold

stairway to heaven!

My wife taking a peek!

Doors for floors

Sander and its counter top table