Hello everyone!

Today was cold in Chicago land.

I waited until the afternoon to go out to the garage. James helped me build the table for the sander. It isn’t pretty but it will work and that’s what I need. I still have to mount the sander, so that will be tomorrow. Then I can sand my projects properly (I hope).

I might tackle my electrical problem tomorrow and play electrician. Shocking! I know. Then I can build my work cave. Arrgh! Need a heater! Gotta move stuff around too, and reload my wood collection in the garage ceiling. Maybe I will take before and after pics.

Hopefully I can make some saw dust too. Though I did today but that was 2×4’s on the table saw. I gotta get going on my wood crafts. I am getting signed up for a craft fair, Santa’s Secret Shop at Arbor View School on Dec. 4, 10 AM -2 PM. Y’all come ya hear?! See what I got, bring money, spend it too! Buy, buy, buy!!

Speaking of pics…there aren’t any! Nope! not one, you will just have to chill! If you are Chicago or north just go outside that’ll work for ya!

Later, Harold