Good evening everyone!

Sorry no pics on this post.

Like the title says your trash my treasure. On the way home after voting I saw some wood out in someone’s garbage. We stopped and looked and liked so I took it. Then went back for a solid core wood door. The lady of the house was leaving and I saw more wood up by the house and asked about it. She said take it all and thanks. I said thanks too, and I more than doubled the first take and added some nice 2×4’s also. It is all treated wood and in good shape. I have a project in mind for it. All I really need is roofing materials to complete the stash. So I need some free shingles and stuff like that.

Right up the street from there someone had a cabinet with a small counter top out also. I took the counter top to make a table out of for either the sander or a grinder. It should work good for 0ne of them.

Later we had the last three PTC at WA. These teachers also gave good reports for Josh. It seems there is no class he will not shut up in and the teachers all like it. These days they call it participation. 🙂

It has been a couple days since I made some saw dust and I am feeling the urge. So hopefully tomorrow.

I am working on a product page with prices and hopefully it will work out to do it through this site. If not I may have to change or figure something out. I have some help coming to my rescue. (Thanks Kathy!)

So until the dust settles tomorrow,

Later, Harold