Good evening everyone!

I am finally getting to my blog post for today. It is late!

It seems like it was a busy day but with not a lot accomplished. No school for Josh today. So I slept in a bit later than usual. Finally getting out to the garage to start some re-arranging for the fourth time since late August after a garage sale. So I happen to look up and what to my eyes does appear?! Well it wasn’t St. Nick and his reindeer! One of the horizontal 2×6 joists has a mighty big split/crack in it! Of course it is the one that the garage door motor is hanging from and the other side of it is where I want to put an attic stair. WAH! I was just out there Saturday and all was fine then.

So I emailed a carpenter friend and he came right over to look at it (thanks Carl) and gave me some peace of mind. (whew wah a bit less) It has to get fixed. I also called my insurance just in case, but looking back and forward (kinda hard at the same time) our deductible is probably more than the cost so why did I call.  (Wah) Well, I will find out when the adjuster comes.

So why was Josh off today? WA PTC today and tomorrow. So we went today and met with 5 of his teachers and tomorrow we will meet with 3 more. He is doing really well, just like his 2 older brothers did. I guess the apples don’t fall far from the tree!! HEY! HEY!! HEY!!! Family stop laughing and get up off the floor! Well any way they are the fruits of our labor!

Then on Mondays I have been taking a class down at the union JAC building on back-flow. This will help me prepare for a 4 day class and test to get licensed by the EPA to test and repair back-flow preventers. That’s the thing about plumbing, as opposed to other trades. We are licensed and what we do is technically over-seen by the EPA. Our Chicago motto is “The plumber protects the health of the nation”. Think about it! How does the water get safely to you to consume and how is it safely disposed of afterward?!

Now for the woodcrafting WA. It is time for more ornaments to be shown and they are WA ornaments. The WA football ornament was the hardest to get right. But eventually I got it how I wanted it to look. These are done in the same manner as others and no one has guessed yet. Come on take a guess! The winner gets a freebie! Here they are.

I have ideas for other schools too!

Later, Harold

WA football



All 3