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It’s Sunday!

Good afternoon everyone!

Well it is Sunday. Is it a day of rest for you? Or do you work harder or more than any other day? Or just do what you can as the day allows? (meaning weather, people etc.)

To paraphrase Joshua son of Nun in the Bible; as for me and my house we will go to Church and worship. Then we see what the day will bring. I hope you attend a place of worship with friends of like-minded faith.

Before we left though, I had to check for playoff news. Well, Wheaton Academy did not make it this year. There were also ten other schools ahead of us that did not either. So we wait with the  expectancy of next year! Lets GO WARRIORS!!

Congrats to all the schools and players who are in the playoffs!!

Today I have pics of the woodcrafter at work and his machine.

Have a good day! Later Harold

watch that blade!

working away

My scroll saw

RUN!! It's after YOU!!


Busy day & Names

Good evening everyone!

Well it has been a busy day without any sawdust made.

Up and gone early to get my son to school to get ready for the football game. Then to the soccer fields where I got to see one of three soccer games before running to the football game site to see the JV win on a last minute TD and extra point. Then the varsity lose a hard fought contest that puts us on the bubble for making the playoffs. This year I also volunteered (oh just go and see what it is about) to run the end zone camera during the varsity games. It is a different perspective to watch the game from and I am right down on the field behind the goal post. It really gets interesting during extra points and field goals. With the camera centered between the posts 25 feet up you feel like a target. I hope to get one or more games yet! You can’t keep a good team down!

Oh! I also got orders for 7 more FB jerseys putting the total around 25.

Okay, so that was the busy day. Now to woodcrafting. By the way is woodcrafting one word or is wood crafting two words? Talk amongst yourselves.

While doing FB jerseys and footballs I figured why not names too! I had bought a piece of 3/4″ x 8″ x 10′ cedar plank, along with other types of wood, and figured that would be a good choice to make some names out of. So I did. I really liked the way the cedar cut and it came out pretty smooth without a lot of sanding. I did use a 150 sanding disc on my drill press and it buffed the cedar pretty good. I also recently cut one out of 3/4″ poplar. The poplar cuts a bit faster so I have to be more careful.

So if you want your name in wood, leave a message!

Here they are! Later, Harold

Unfinished 3/4" poplar

3/4" Cedar

3/4" Cedar cool grain


Good morning again!

So what is in this new bloggers head today? Did I say football!! Hey it is the weekend, Wheaton Academy Warriors are gonna play for the title tomorrow! GO WARRIORS! Then they wait for the playoff pairings.

On the JV team Josh has been starting all year on the kick-off and kick-returns and has gotten some playing time at defensive end and offensive guard. He has been enjoying playing and practice and is always up for it. The coaches say he is one of the hardest workers.

So on to crafting.

While sizing and cutting the jerseys I was trying to come up with other ideas. AH! Footballs I said! So I searched online for pics of footballs. I found one I liked and sized it to what I wanted and had my pattern. Then it was just cutting it out.

By the way the WA design is kind of a take off of their logo. The A is actually lower off the leg of the W.  I had to come up with lettering that would match the numbers on the jerseys and keep the A on the same plain as the W. Then I did not use the first leg of the A and had to get the rest of the A close enough to the W so they would all look good together. With help from my son James we got it. If I remember right we may have made some changes to the W too.

On some of the footballs I  cut out for the lacing. That was a bit nerve racking! How long of a cut? Do I do one side of the long cut or both? How close to the top? Yep, I did break some of the 1/4″ thick footballs I cut. Some while cutting, some while sanding. I used different kinds of wood just to see how they came out. The 1/4″ is poplar. I cut one out of 3/4″ Cedar, one out of 1/4″ Red Oak and one out of something I had laying around.

So here they are. Later Harold

All four

3/4" Cedar

1/4" Red Oak

Jersey Day

Good morning!

It is 45 degrees this morning and since I do not have a heater in my garage (yet) and it faces away from the sun I am not out there yet. I decided to come here first and then add to my ideas for ornaments.

Jersey day I say? Well I am not going to NJ. It just means I will finish showing pics of the jerseys I have done. I just got started on this blog and have to catch up with the pics. So I will possibly do an entry each day until I do catch up with the pics. Not that I will show them in order or in any predictable way. Hey! I gotta keep you coming back for more! Some of you might be waiting for something specific. I will get there!

Todays jersey pics are of some I did for Wheaton Academy (WA). The high school my first three sons attended and one still does. Josh plays on the football teams. This year he is on the JV. I got the idea for the jerseys from a web site, downloaded the file and made my own adjustments to suit my tastes and added lettering(suit/jersey aha ha ha ha get it?! aha ha ha). Okay I’m back. I painted them as close to maroon as I could for the JV and black for the varsity. I thought I would do green for another team in the area but I did not get around to it. Maybe I still will.

The website I go to a lot is done by Steve Good and he is goooood! Lots of friendly people there and lots of help and ideas. So if you are not friendly DO NOT go there. But if you want wood working friends online this is the place for you. Thanks to all my new friends there!

Soooo Where Are the Pics? okay okay here they are and I am done typing. Gotta make some saw dust today and finish painting some more jerseys!  Later, Harold

How they start

New to wood crafting

Hello everyone!

I just started wood crafting a couple weeks ago and decided to put out a blog about what I am doing.

First I started buying tools. Big tools, manly tools as the toolman would say “argh argh argh” I got a band saw, a drill press, a scroll saw and a router and table (all used). They go with the table saw of my dads (oldy but goody) and misc. hand power tools. So what do you do next but make saw dust! Oh! a project or two or three or more but who’s counting.

I have cut football jerseys with numbers and designed the letters to go on them, footballs, initials, names and now I am starting on Xmas ornaments. I have lots of ideas for these and am doing designs on the computer with Word.

I hope to get into a local craft show and see what happens.

Here is a jersey I did for a guy who saw my works in progress and wanted one for his son. He plays football on the blue team in the Yorkville youth tackle football league. So I designed the lettering for it with help from my son and cut the jersey and painted it.

I hope you like it I got more to come. Later, Harold

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