Well good evening everyone!

It seems I am getting late doing these posts. I do them when I have something to say or add.

Tonight it is to add! As the title says a new tool! ARRRGH! It became a need from a want and desire.

I have been doing all my sanding on my drill press with 2 sand paper sanding wheels and that worked for me for now. But as I had some problems painting the jerseys and having to sand them and start over from the primer stage, my fine sander started leaving color trails on my newly finished work. I also just finished a piece that I do not want to use that sanding brush on. My wife also said the piece needs better sanding on the flat surfaces.

So today I shopped around on the internet (is that manly?). Hey at least I did not go around from store to store to store to store…. I found what I could get and where and I went and killed, I mean bought it. I also bought the last remaining one on the floor and got it at a discount! Plus some other stuff managed to find its way through my hands and into the cart, to check out, to the van and home. Now how did that happen?!

So here is a pic of my new sander still in the box, I gotta build a table for it. Also one of the deer/reindeer I cut yesterday. I think I will stain it.

Are you going to church tomorrow?

Later, Harold

New sander!

Deer/reindeer 1/4" Poplar