Hello everyone!

The weekend is here!

Like the title says I made some saw dust today and finished a couple ornaments. You will see some pics of course at the end as always. They will go with yesterdays post.

I definitely need to get a heater for my work space in the garage. My toes still feel it! I have an idea.  A plywood work cave within the garage and keep the heater close. How does that sound? Maybe a raised floor to keep my feet off the concrete. I think I will need an electrician too. Not enough outlets. So far I have not tripped any breakers, but I think I am using all I can already. A heater may be too much.

I started a nativity scene and made 3 sheep, 2 donkeys and 1 camel. Next will be all the people and then the house. I also made a reindeer ornament and have an idea on  how to make it a different way so it will stand on its own.

So for you Elmhurst residents, here are some ornaments for you. These end yesterdays speculations I am sure.  YD, York Dukes

Later, Harold

How is

it done?

this one painted

All three