Good evening!

I had a busy mental day today! What does that mean? A lot of thinking, trying to put ideas together on the computer or on paper or just plain talking it out.

I have had requests to make different items and put prices up and I have to think about my real line of work too. Which is plumbing. So I have a lot of mental irons in the fire and I have to make decisions on which way to go and what to do. Some times it feels like many ways to go all at once and I realize being pulled in different directions negates the others and I go no where. Frustrating!

So no saw dust making today (yet). I have a pic of some lettering I cut out of some scrap pieces of cedar. Gotta use it all up! Only waste as little as possible. So here are the letters.

No winners to either question in the previous posts. Come on! Leave a comment and take a guess!

Later, Harold

Family initials