Good evening everyone!

It has been a long day. The wind started blowing hard early this morning and while taking Josh to school it blew over the recyclable garbage can. My wife, Laura, (yep that’s her name I made) had it all picked up by the time I got back (the neighbors had called to alert us). After I had gotten back and left again, yep, it blew over again! She just had to pick up the can this time.

I left for a funeral service. A dear sweet lady has gone on before us to heaven (I called her Ma). Thinking about her and my Mom passing 10 months ago inspired an idea for a wood cutting so I got up during the night and wrote it down so I would not forget it later. Ended up that I did not forget but it is better to be sure. Laura liked the idea too! I don’t know if I saw it some where or I just thought it up but I hope to do it soon. Just need a few details ironed out.

So JK if you see this you will get one as soon as I do it good enough! In honor of EK (Ma).

Now what about the title #1? I will show you a pic and if you can guess how I got it that way you can have it or a different one. My scroll saw friends I am sorry but you are out of this one. Of course only the #1 answer gets the #1 freebie!

It is my first completed ornament.

So here is the #1 pic. Let the guessing begin. Oh yeah, no winner on the tulip question yet.

Later, Harold