Good afternoon everyone!

Well it is Sunday. Is it a day of rest for you? Or do you work harder or more than any other day? Or just do what you can as the day allows? (meaning weather, people etc.)

To paraphrase Joshua son of Nun in the Bible; as for me and my house we will go to Church and worship. Then we see what the day will bring. I hope you attend a place of worship with friends of like-minded faith.

Before we left though, I had to check for playoff news. Well, Wheaton Academy did not make it this year. There were also ten other schools ahead of us that did not either. So we wait with the  expectancy of next year! Lets GO WARRIORS!!

Congrats to all the schools and players who are in the playoffs!!

Today I have pics of the woodcrafter at work and his machine.

Have a good day! Later Harold

watch that blade!

working away

My scroll saw

RUN!! It's after YOU!!