Good evening everyone!

Well it has been a busy day without any sawdust made.

Up and gone early to get my son to school to get ready for the football game. Then to the soccer fields where I got to see one of three soccer games before running to the football game site to see the JV win on a last minute TD and extra point. Then the varsity lose a hard fought contest that puts us on the bubble for making the playoffs. This year I also volunteered (oh just go and see what it is about) to run the end zone camera during the varsity games. It is a different perspective to watch the game from and I am right down on the field behind the goal post. It really gets interesting during extra points and field goals. With the camera centered between the posts 25 feet up you feel like a target. I hope to get one or more games yet! You can’t keep a good team down!

Oh! I also got orders for 7 more FB jerseys putting the total around 25.

Okay, so that was the busy day. Now to woodcrafting. By the way is woodcrafting one word or is wood crafting two words? Talk amongst yourselves.

While doing FB jerseys and footballs I figured why not names too! I had bought a piece of 3/4″ x 8″ x 10′ cedar plank, along with other types of wood, and figured that would be a good choice to make some names out of. So I did. I really liked the way the cedar cut and it came out pretty smooth without a lot of sanding. I did use a 150 sanding disc on my drill press and it buffed the cedar pretty good. I also recently cut one out of 3/4″ poplar. The poplar cuts a bit faster so I have to be more careful.

So if you want your name in wood, leave a message!

Here they are! Later, Harold

Unfinished 3/4" poplar

3/4" Cedar

3/4" Cedar cool grain