Good morning again!

So what is in this new bloggers head today? Did I say football!! Hey it is the weekend, Wheaton Academy Warriors are gonna play for the title tomorrow! GO WARRIORS! Then they wait for the playoff pairings.

On the JV team Josh has been starting all year on the kick-off and kick-returns and has gotten some playing time at defensive end and offensive guard. He has been enjoying playing and practice and is always up for it. The coaches say he is one of the hardest workers.

So on to crafting.

While sizing and cutting the jerseys I was trying to come up with other ideas. AH! Footballs I said! So I searched online for pics of footballs. I found one I liked and sized it to what I wanted and had my pattern. Then it was just cutting it out.

By the way the WA design is kind of a take off of their logo. The A is actually lower off the leg of the W.  I had to come up with lettering that would match the numbers on the jerseys and keep the A on the same plain as the W. Then I did not use the first leg of the A and had to get the rest of the A close enough to the W so they would all look good together. With help from my son James we got it. If I remember right we may have made some changes to the W too.

On some of the footballs I  cut out for the lacing. That was a bit nerve racking! How long of a cut? Do I do one side of the long cut or both? How close to the top? Yep, I did break some of the 1/4″ thick footballs I cut. Some while cutting, some while sanding. I used different kinds of wood just to see how they came out. The 1/4″ is poplar. I cut one out of 3/4″ Cedar, one out of 1/4″ Red Oak and one out of something I had laying around.

So here they are. Later Harold

All four

3/4" Cedar

1/4" Red Oak