Hello everyone!

I just started wood crafting a couple weeks ago and decided to put out a blog about what I am doing.

First I started buying tools. Big tools, manly tools as the toolman would say “argh argh argh” I got a band saw, a drill press, a scroll saw and a router and table (all used). They go with the table saw of my dads (oldy but goody) and misc. hand power tools. So what do you do next but make saw dust! Oh! a project or two or three or more but who’s counting.

I have cut football jerseys with numbers and designed the letters to go on them, footballs, initials, names and now I am starting on Xmas ornaments. I have lots of ideas for these and am doing designs on the computer with Word.

I hope to get into a local craft show and see what happens.

Here is a jersey I did for a guy who saw my works in progress and wanted one for his son. He plays football on the blue team in the Yorkville youth tackle football league. So I designed the lettering for it with help from my son and cut the jersey and painted it.

I hope you like it I got more to come. Later, Harold