Good morning!

It is 45 degrees this morning and since I do not have a heater in my garage (yet) and it faces away from the sun I am not out there yet. I decided to come here first and then add to my ideas for ornaments.

Jersey day I say? Well I am not going to NJ. It just means I will finish showing pics of the jerseys I have done. I just got started on this blog and have to catch up with the pics. So I will possibly do an entry each day until I do catch up with the pics. Not that I will show them in order or in any predictable way. Hey! I gotta keep you coming back for more! Some of you might be waiting for something specific. I will get there!

Todays jersey pics are of some I did for Wheaton Academy (WA). The high school my first three sons attended and one still does. Josh plays on the football teams. This year he is on the JV. I got the idea for the jerseys from a web site, downloaded the file and made my own adjustments to suit my tastes and added lettering(suit/jersey aha ha ha ha get it?! aha ha ha). Okay I’m back. I painted them as close to maroon as I could for the JV and black for the varsity. I thought I would do green for another team in the area but I did not get around to it. Maybe I still will.

The website I go to a lot is done by Steve Good and he is goooood! Lots of friendly people there and lots of help and ideas. So if you are not friendly DO NOT go there. But if you want wood working friends online this is the place for you. Thanks to all my new friends there!

Soooo Where Are the Pics? okay okay here they are and I am done typing. Gotta make some saw dust today and finish painting some more jerseys!  Later, Harold

How they start